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Based in San Diego, All American Carpet & Tile is certified to clean, polish, and seal hard surface floors. Owner Mike Bruno and our team of highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art technology to clean and seal tile and grout. Our services restore the original luster and shine of expensive tile flooring, and prevent liquids and residues from penetrating these materials for years to come.

Unfortunately, over time, tile and grout accumulates a layer of residue from repeated use, scuff marks, hard-water spots, and accidental spills. This causes the tile and grout to take on a grimy, discolored appearance. Regular maintenance and the immediate cleaning of spills will keep tile and grout looking pristine for as long as possible; however, many property owners find that professional cleanings are eventually required to extract trapped dirt, food particles, and mold from tile and porous grout surfaces.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Throughout the years, the team at All American Carpet & Tile has tried and tested the most reputable tile and grout cleaning equipment in the industry. We have found that the high-pressure, hot water washing technique produces the best results, and we have brought the technology to San Diego.

Washing tile and grout under high-pressure with hot water and a powerful cleaning solution lifts dirt, grime, and stains up off the hard surface flooring like no other technique can.

The hot water and cleaning solution is hosed in and dispensed from the completely enclosed vacuum system that simultaneously extracts the water, cleaning solution, and loosened debris. One of the great benefits of this tool is that it completely seals off the cleaning jets and vacuum device so there is no overspray or accumulation of water on the floors.

Grout Sealing

When the tile and grout are sufficiently cleaned and polished, the technicians will apply a sealer to extend the results of the professional cleaning. The sealer acts as a protective barrier between the flooring and any stain-causing agents. Essentially, any time dirt is tracked onto the floor, drinks or food are spilled, or dust settles onto the floor, the sealer will prevent these materials from penetrating and staining the tile and grout for a longer period of time.

The entire tile and grout cleaning process takes an average of two to three hours. After the cleaning and sealing process is complete, the sealant must be allowed time to completely dry; as such, the tiled surfaces should not be walked on for about 30 minutes after application of the sealant.

The results of All American Carpet & Tile’s hard surface floor cleaning service will last anywhere from three to five years, depending on the amount of wear and maintenance to which the tile and grout is subject.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Maintenance

Here are a few tips to help property owners maintain the renewed look of professionally cleaned tile and grout:

  • Always vacuum or sweep before mopping to eliminate as much dry soil and dirt as possible

  • Always rinse after mopping to remove the dirt

  • Avoid using bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners, which might break down sealants and reduce their lifespan

Ceramic Tile Cleaning Results

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