Mold Remediation

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The technicians at All American Carpet & Tile in San Diego offer professional mold remediation services to eradicate toxic mold from homes, apartment buildings, condos, and other properties.

Property managers have a “duty of care” to take mold seriously.

There are some jobs that require professionals. Mold removal is one.

Rental Properties and Mold

Sometimes it can be difficult to establish just why mold is present. If property owners are in doubt, it is best to call a San Diego mold remediation expert. Remember, property owners must never ignore mold. Doing nothing is NOT an option, as the mold will simply grow and spread. Just wiping with bleach and painting is not the proper way to eliminate mold.

Health Risks

Mold can pose a serious health risk. As it grows indoors, it releases harmful spores into the air that can make people sick. Some health effects associated with these spores may include: runny nose, eye irritation, cough, congestion, aggravation of asthma and respiratory problems, headache, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, skin rash and other allergic reactions. Therefore, property owners should contact a San Diego mold remediation specialist as soon as possible to ensure safety.

Duty of Care

Those responsible for building maintenance and/or the health and safety of building occupants, including property managers, have a duty of care where mold is concerned.

Property Damage

Mold growth can impair the normal function of equipment such as air conditioners and refrigeration units. Also, it can stain and rot furnishings and cause structural damage to the buildings and will require a mold removal San Diego specialists’ immediate attention.


The assessment process involves the identification of all visible mold, discovering the source of the problem, and making recommendations that provide a real solution to preventing any further growth.

An assessment report is issued, illustrated room by room with photographs showing the exact extent of visible mold growth.

If necessary the technicians at All American Carpet & Tile will recommend indoor air quality testing.

The Mold Removal Process

The mold removal process is unique to All American Carpet & Tile; in most cases, we utilize the Goldmoor Method. First, the technicians remove all visible mold from hard surfaces with Hepa vacuums and proprietary EPA-approved products, treat any carpet that may be affected, and finally fog the premises to eliminate existing airborne mold spores. The aim is to restore the premises to a state in which the indoor air quality is equal to the fresh air outside. This can be verified through an independent laboratory.

Mold Prevention

Once the mold growth has been removed, the technicians provide customers with a number of recommendations that will prevent the mold from returning. Each situation requires different prevention strategies as mold can grow due to a variety of different reasons. For more information about mold, visit the Mold Facts and Mold FAQs pages.

San Diego Mold Remediation Services

Property owners in San Diego are invited to schedule a mold remediation appointment with the professionals at All American Carpet & Tile.

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