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Since 1993, All American Carpet & Tile has been certified to provide San Diego property owners with carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning services. We are trained in a number of carpet cleaning processes; when it comes to cleaning fine area and Oriental rugs, we have chosen the safest and most effective techniques. The cleaning process is gentle enough to prevent damage to fragile, hand woven textiles, but strong enough to disinfect and eliminate stains, pet odors, and allergens. Today, the technicians at All American Carpet & Tile are highly trained and skilled in this area rug cleaning technique, which involves the following steps:


The pre-inspection is done when area rugs are picked up or dropped off. A technician at All American Carpet & Tile can meet with customers at their homes to assess the condition of the area rug, formulate a cleaning plan, review expected results, and provide an estimate. Customers also have the option of dropping off their area rugs at All American Carpet & Tile’s office and rug cleaning facility in Pacific Beach.

Removal of Dry Soil

Often, dirt and debris becomes embedded within the fibers of woven rugs. Regular vacuuming will extract dry soil that has accumulated on the surface of the rug, but it is incapable of removing the particles that have penetrated deeper into the rug’s material. The technicians at All American Carpet & Tile use advanced techniques and equipment to loosen trapped debris and lift it out of the rug’s fibers; this step is called dusting. Equipment such as a pile lifter or specialized vacuum attachments thoroughly remove dust and dry soils from the front and back of the rug.

Colorfast Test and Pre-conditioning Treatment

Rugs are tested for possible bleeding dyes and other conditions that may need special care before, during, and after the washing process.

The area rug and fringe may be pre-conditioned with the application of a special solution to loosen dirt and maximize the potential for soil removal within cotton, wool, silk, or other types of fibers commonly found in area rugs.

Washing Process

Most rugs will then be given a full immersion rug bath. After being set into a wash pit, rugs are shampooed with a mild solution specially formulated for the type of fiber being cleaned. This step will sanitize and remove most spots while protecting your rugs delicate fibers.

Speed Dry

The rugs are then flushed with clean water to remove debris, contaminants, and all cleaning solutions. Wool rugs are then treated with an acidic solution to soften the fibers.

The use of proper drying practices is critical to the success of the area rug cleaning process. At All American Carpet & Tile, all area rugs are laid out or hung flat in a controlled environment to speed the drying process, avoid shrinkage, and prevent the growth of mold.


As the area rug dries, specially designed combs and soft groomers are used to manipulate the rug fibers and finish the area rug cleaning process.


After the rug is dusted, cleaned, dried, groomed, and vacuumed, a technician will inspect the rug to ensure that customers will be satisfied with the results of the work.

Delivery or Pick-up

Customers will be notified of the completion of our cleaning process and a technician from All American Carpet & Tile will call to schedule delivery of the area rug to the customer’s home or arrange for pick-up at our facility.

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