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All American Carpet & Tile is certified in the cleaning, polishing, and sealing of hard surface floors and countertops. Since 1993, owner Mike Bruno and our skilled team of technicians have been providing quality floor cleaning services to San Diego property owners. One of the areas we specialize in is the cleaning, filling, honing, polishing, and sealing of stone floors and countertops made of travertine, limestone, quartz, slate, marble, or granite. The technicians of All American Carpet & Tile will customize the stone cleaning process based on the type of stone that is installed, along with the property owners’ aesthetic preferences.

The stone cleaning process may involve the use of the following steps, techniques, and products:

Stone Cleaning

The stone cleaning process is similar to the tile and grout cleaning process. All American Carpet & Tile’s technicians use state-of-the-art technology to pressure wash stone floors with a mixture of hot water and stone-safe cleaning solution. The enclosed vacuum system concurrently suctions the dirty water and excess cleaning solution into a separate compartment. This is a highly effective cleaning method that thoroughly removes built-up grime, while minimizing overspray and puddles so surrounding cabinets, fixtures, and carpets remain completely dry.


Stone is a porous material. Travertine, the most commonly used stone floor material, is particularly porous. It’s uneven surface and natural holes have a tendency to trap dirt. As stone floors wear, these holes gradually grow in size and accumulate debris. Property owners have the option of having these holes filled with an epoxy or another hardening material. Filling these holes prevents grime from getting embedded within the surface of the floor, and the filling material can be polished to shine.

Honing or Polishing

Property owners have the choice of having their stone floors honed or polished. Honing and polishing involves the use of a weighted floor machine with diamond pads to buff the floor. This process removes gouges and scratches, and also restores the floor’s natural shine.

The difference between honing and polishing is the grit, or abrasiveness, of the pads. In the honing process, a lower grit level is used, generally between 400 and 800 grits; this produces a more natural, low sheen appearance. In the polishing process, a higher grit level is used, generally between 1,500 and 3,000 grits; this produces a high sheen, glossy look.


Customers of All American Carpet & Tile have the choice of three sealers.

The Penetrating Sealer is the most popular option. It doesn’t change the color or appearance of the stone; rather it creates a protective barrier that prevents spills and grime from penetrating the stone’s surface and causing permanent stains.

The Topical Sealer forms a hard coating once dry. This sealer darkens the color of the stone, making it appear more vibrant. However, this sealer requires more frequent maintenance because it can dull out in higher traffic areas. It is more commonly used on slate to bring out all the colors.

The Enhancer Sealer is a combination of the Penetrating and Topical Sealers. It absorbs into the stone and grout, protecting it against stains and enhances the color of the stone. It is more commonly used on slate to bring out all the colors.

Honed Travertine Results

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Tumbled Travertine Floor Cleaning

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San Diego Stone Floor and Countertop Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing

San Diego Stone aThe technicians at All American Carpet & Tile clean all types of stone flooring, including honed travertine, tumbled travertine, limestone, quartz, granite, marble, and slate. Property owners who are interested in learning more about their options can contact All American Carpet & Tile in San Diego for an estimate.

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