Carpet Repairs

Save Your Carpet with Certified Carpet Repairs

Before deciding that carpets need to be ripped out and replaced due to small tears or large ripples, get an estimate to have the problem repaired. Mike Bruno is an IICRC certified repair specialist and can fix or improve most problems property owners may be having with carpets.

Did a pet tear up the carpet trying to dig its way out under the door?

Relax, the technicians at All American Carpet & Tile can remove the torn section and replace it with a small remnant or use a piece from the back of a closet. Check out our Facebook page for pictures!

Has carpet developed large ripples across the room that people keep tripping on?

Carpet can shift over time due to heavy traffic patterns, moving large furniture, or poor installation. All American Carpet & Tile’s technicians in San Diego can use professional stretching tools to pull or push the carpet across the room, trim off the excess, and re-tack it, removing the ripples. In some cases the carpet may need to be cut and re-seamed. Check out our Facebook page for pictures!

Is the carpet affected by annoying bleach stains?

Most people think the carpet is ruined when the color is removed due to bleach or other cleaning chemicals not meant for carpet. The technicians at All American Carpet & Tile are IICRC certified color repair specialists and can add dye to stains to dramatically improve or completely repair the color back to its original state.

Does carpet need to be trimmed and re-stretched due to recently installed kitchen or bathroom flooring?

Most hard surface flooring installers do not install a carpet transition or finish the edge after completing work on tile or wood. The technicians at All American Carpet & Tile install new tackless strip, stretch and cut the carpet and then use an appropriate transition technique to complete the edge neatly and professionally.

Did a pet snag a row of loop carpet and pull out a few inches or more?

Pets can get into all kinds of trouble. Carpet repair technicians can reweave and glue the row, or replace the row with another from a carpet remnant or the back of the closet.

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