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At All American Carpet & Tile in San Diego, owner Mike Bruno takes pride in our ability to offer the best cleaning solutions. Not only does this mean that we put hard work and dedication into every cleaning job, but we also use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. The team at All American Carpet & Tile is committed to using products that are organic and natural, non-allergenic, non-toxic, VOC-free, soap-free, odor-free, and colorless. The green cleaning supplies are safe and thoroughly clean and disinfect the surfaces and materials upon which they are used.

When it comes to selecting cleaning products, there are many choices. Finding products that do not harm the environment, are safe for use around people and pets, and offer excellent cleaning results is a challenge. Yet, over the past two decades, the staff at All American Carpet & Tile has added effective green cleaning products to our arsenal of supplies. Here are just a few of the standards they have maintained when choosing new products:

Green ingredients – Instead of using products that are high in dangerous surfactants, All American Carpet & Tiles uses cleaning solutions that are derived from natural sources. Products with natural ingredients are more sustainable and less likely to damage the environment or a person’s health.

Recycling – Green products should be stored and packaged with biodegradable or recyclable materials. Ideally, packaging should be easy to recycle and reuse.

Reducing use of resources – Products that use the least amount of resources possible, from the manufacturing to the actually cleaning process, are more sustainable. When possible, concentrated solutions are used, as this greatly limits the amount of transport and packaging.

Health issues – Cleaning solutions that are purchased in stores are high in toxins and dangerous chemicals. These are not only bad for the environment; they can produce adverse health effects such as headaches as well. By using ingredients that are non-toxic and free of chemicals, strong fragrances, and dyes, the safety and health of technicians and customers is maintained.

Improve overall environmental quality – In addition to making surfaces and fabrics look clean, it is important to remove soil, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, mold, and other debris from the home. Whether tile, stone, hardwood floors, carpets, or upholstery is being cleaned, it is best to use environmentally friendly products that truly sanitize and disinfect the home.

Cleaning effectiveness – Some natural products do not clean and disinfect as well as harsher, chemical-laden products. Cleaning is the ultimate goal, but neither the environment nor a person’s health has to be compromised in order to achieve that goal. The solutions used by the technicians at All American Carpet & Tile clean surfaces and materials by dissolving soils, particles, contaminants, and pollutants so they can easily be rinsed off.

Green cleaning involves more than the use of non-toxic cleaning ingredients. Sustainable packaging, efficient manufacturing processes, and proper disposal of cleaning products are also good for the environment. These are just some of the factors that Mike Bruno and his team take into account when choosing green cleaning products.

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