Carpet & Fabric Protection

When people invest in new carpet, upholstery, and furniture, they may be unaware that a protector product has been applied to make the fabric more resistant to soil and stains. This product wears over time, just like the wax on your car, and needs to be re-applied. This is why carpet manufacturers require the re-application of protective products after cleanings in order for consumers to uphold their warranties.

Undoubtedly, the best way to extend the lifespan of carpet and maintain the results of professional carpet cleanings is to have a carpet and upholstery protector product applied. The highly skilled technicians at All American Carpet & Tile, a certified carpet cleaning company in San Diego, can use professional-grade carpet and fabric protector products after professional cleanings. With the stain-repellant power of the DuPont Teflon carpet and fabric protection products, stains are easier to remove and less likely to penetrate carpet fibers or fabric, which will result in a longer lifespan for your investment.

The DuPont Teflon Carpet Protector

The carpets can become stained and soiled in any number of ways. Some of the most common are by tracking dirt and debris into the house or accidentally spilling food or drinks onto the carpet. Using a carpet and upholstery protector helps minimize the damaging effects of caked on dirt and spills.

The DuPont Teflon solution protects carpets from stains and daily wear and tear. It acts as a barrier by providing an extra stain-repelling layer that prevents soil, liquid, and debris from reaching the dye sites in the carpet fibers. Customers can think of it as an invisible shield that encases and protects each individual carpet fiber. Regular vacuuming will prolong the time between professional cleanings

The Maxxim Fabric Protector

The DuPont Teflon fabric protector is a durable and long-lasting product that protects upholstery and other fabrics from oil and water-based stains. It also prevents dust and dry soil from sticking to fabrics. With the DuPont Teflon fabric protector, customers can easily remove dirt and spills from furniture, drapes, and other fabrics in the home. In addition, the DuPont Teflon fabric protector is odorless, and does not discolor or change the feel or texture of fabrics.

Application of the Carpet and Fabric Protector

With carpet and upholstery protectors, a repellent layer is sprayed on the fabric, protecting the carpet or upholstery from spills. These products also provide excellent dry soil resistance. Because dirt and liquid does not get embedded in carpet fibers or fabric, it is much easier to clean and less likely to become permanently stained.

The Safety of Carpet and Fabric Protectors

Many customers are concerned about the safety of the DuPont Teflon product. The solution that is sprayed on carpet and upholstery is odor-free, non-toxic, contains no CFCs or solvents, and is completely safe to use around both people and pets. With carpet and fabric cleaning protection, property owners can protect the health of their loved ones and pets, and not have to worry about carpet and upholstery damage. In addition, the DuPont Teflon solution is safe to use on all types of carpet and upholstery fabrics.

San Diego Carpet and Fabric Cleaning Protection

Using a carpet and upholstery protector is the best way to extend the life of carpet and furniture. Contact the professionals at All American Carpet & Tile in San Diego for more information about carpet and fabric cleaning protection products.

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