Three Carpet Cleaning Methods: Pros and Cons

Most homeowners know that regular carpet cleanings offer many benefits; they can reduce visible stains, give the home a fresher scent, and sanitize the carpets. In addition, routine cleanings can extend the life of the carpet. For these reasons, many homeowners plan to have their carpets cleaned every one to two years. When it comes to carpet cleanings, homeowners have three choices: they can buy a carpet cleaning machine to use on their own, rent a carpet cleaning machine, or hire the services of a carpet cleaning company. In this blog post, we examine the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Purchasing a Carpet Cleaning Machine

The big advantage to owning a carpet cleaning machine is that it allows property owners to clean and sanitize the carpets periodically. This is a good option for carpets that are subject to high traffic.

The biggest disadvantage to owning a carpet cleaning machine is the work and muscle power that is required to operate them.


  • Homeowners can clean the carpets as often as they’d like.

  • Homeowners can clean carpets at any time, without the need for an appointment.

  • If the homeowner uses the machine regularly, this is a less costly option.


  • Requires storage space.

  • Homeowners must do the work themselves.

  • These machines are not as effective as the equipment used by professionals.

Rented Carpet Cleaners

These carpet cleaners use steam-cleaning technology and can be rented from many chain grocery stores.


  • This is a less costly option.

  • No storage space is required on a long-term basis.


  • Homeowners must do the work themselves.

  • Rented cleaners are large and bulky, so they are difficult to move across the carpet.

  • The cleaners are rented out for a 24-hour period, so homeowners will need to get all carpets cleaned within this time frame to avoid an additional day of rental fees.

  • Many of the rented cleaners come with a relatively small bucket to hold the dirty water, so it must be emptied on a regular basis.

  • Most rented cleaners do not come with any drying equipment or instructions; it may take a good portion of the day for the carpet to dry.

  • These machines are not as effective as the equipment used by professionals.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Having professionals come in to clean the carpets is certainly the easiest and most effective route. Homeowners don’t have to haul a heavy machine across the carpet themselves, and the hot water extraction cleaning equipment used by the technicians at All American Carpet & Tile is superior to any store-bought or rental carpet cleaning machines.

At All American Carpet & Tile, our carpet cleaners use hot water that is dispensed at high pressure to thoroughly clean carpets. The water and carpet residue is then suctioned back out of the carpet to speed the drying process. This allows homeowners to walk on their carpets sooner, and prevents additional stains that may be caused when people walk on wet or damp carpets.


  • Thoroughly deodorizes carpets.

  • Sanitizes and disinfects the carpet.

  • Stains are more likely to be reduced or eliminated.

  • Quicker drying of carpets.

  • Homeowners don’t have to do any of the work themselves.

  • All of the carpets in the home can be cleaned in a matter of hours.

  • No need for storage of carpet cleaning machines.


  • This may be a more costly option.

To schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment, contact All American Carpet & Tile.

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