Removing Vomit Stains from Carpet: DIY and Professional Cleaning

Vomit stains on the carpet can occur after a child has been sick, or after a party. The end result is an unsightly stain and unpleasant smell. To remove vomit stains and smell from the carpet, a deep cleaning by professionals is necessary, but there are a few things property owners can do with household products to limit the stain when it is still fresh.

Remove as much of the vomit as possible. You may need a dustpan, trashcan, rag, and gloves.

Get extra rags or paper towels to absorb any fluids. Make sure the rags are completely clean and dry. Soak up as much fluid as possible. Stomach acid can damage fabrics such as carpet fibers.

Sprinkle the affected area with cornstarch. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. This will absorb excess moisture and prevent molding and an unpleasant odor. Vacuum the cornstarch up after the time is up.

To treat the smell and stain, use an enzyme based cleanser. These can often be found in pet stores and are used to clean up messes left by pets. Products like Lysol will also work. The cleanser should then be rinsed and the area should be blotted dry, again, to prevent molding.

Leave a fan over the affected area of the carpet. Circulating air will help to dry up any residual moisture to prevent stale odor or mold contamination.

Odors can be contained by disposing of the vomit outside of the house and by using room and carpet deodorizers such as Febreze or aerosol air fresheners. Scented candles and opening a window will also help mask the scent.

The stain is likely to be lifted slightly but still quite visible.

After treated the stain to the best of your ability, you must follow up with a deep clean. Our carpet cleaning technique is the gold standard in the industry. Our system will sanitize the carpet and leave it looking good as new.


The first step in our deep clean process is to inspect for mold or any other contaminants. If the carpet or furniture are found to be contaminated, it may need to be removed from the home and replaced or repaired. Moisture detection is available to be sure no other areas in the home are affected by excess moisture.

Vacuum and Pre-treat

We vacuum the entire carpet, pre-treat the vomit stains, and any other stains with a special solvent to get rid of them.

Soil Extraction

A deep cleaning treatment with hot water and a powerful cleaning solution follows the vacuuming; we use an extraction machine to rid your carpet of any tough debris and remnants of vomit or prior spills.


There may be additional spot treatment if the pre-treatment and soil extraction do not completely remove the vomit stains.

Advanced carpet protection may be added to your services. We recommend DuPont Teflon sprays to protect against future spills and expand the life of your carpet.

Last, we speed dry the area to prevent any water damage and to protect the integrity of your carpet. We then rake the carpet into place to perfect its aesthetic appeal.

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