Mold Remediation with Minimal Demolition

Here in San Diego we have the latest mold remediation techniques available in the country. Specific companies have been chosen to use these new techniques and we are one of them. We are IICRC Mold Certified and Water Damage Certified. I, Mike Bruno am a Certified Master Textile Cleaner also. In the past, any personal belongings or building materials with visible mold would have to be double bagged and disposed of. With our new techniques and solutions, we can “Micro-Clean” anything with mold growing on it and in most cases not have to cut away the areas saving time and money. ECO-ACTIV 2000 is proprietary to Industrial Chemist Mr Robert Goldsworthy with 21st Century Solutions, INC of Australia. This product is EPA listed for use as a commercial decontaminant and has been thoroughly tested. In addition to organisms including weapons grade anthrax, and all other single celled organisms such as Golden Staph, Klebsiella, fungi, viruses, bacterial spores and toxins etc, we have new tests against C.Diff spores that show a 99.999% reduction in 30 seconds. It is environmentally safe to use, non-flammable and chemically stable. It contains no heavy metals or pesticides. After treating and removing any visible mold and inside the surrounding the wall cavities, we can fog GSC 2000 into the air neutralizing any airborne contaminants. After fogging, air sampling can be done if required to attain information on the indoor air quality. Please consult our San Diego Mold Remediation page for more information or simply call us at 858-483-5300 for a free mold assessment.

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