Do You Really Need A New Carpet ?


Most people do not realize how important a carpet cleaning is to your home. Carpet is more than something you walk on, it is actually the air filter to your home!

Imagine the dust that gathers on your furniture, you dust that, right? Now imagine how much dust is on your carpet. How do you dust that?

When was the last time you vacuumed? When was the last time you cleaned your carpets? If it’s been longer than 1 year, you’re way overdue. I remember before I worked for All American, I never vacuumed, never cleaned my carpets, never even owned a vacuum.

My first apartment was only carpeted in the bedroom so I never bothered with any of that. The day I moved out and moved my bed, it was appalling. There was a huge light rectangle surrounded by grey, dingy, ugly carpet. At that point, I decided I would vacuum and clean the carpet. By then it was far too late. I ended up paying for it.

Deciphering if your carpet is savable is much easier than you’d think. It depends on just a few things.

  1. How old is the carpet? Carpet manufacturers recommend new carpet every 3-7 years depending on the traffic in your home. If you have children, pets, or a large amount of friends or family wandering through your home, chances are you need new carpet after 3 years.

  2. How often do you vacuum? Everyone should vacuum AT LEAST once a week. If you have pets or children, you should be vacuuming every other day to prevent debris from getting embedded in your carpet and going under the padding. No matter what, you will still get dust, however, less is best!

  3. What have you spilled on it? Do not fret if it is red wine, a popsicle, or a marker, chances are we may still be able to help you with one of our special spotters. Most stains are not permanent, meaning they are just spots. However, if you have a dog or cat urinating on your carpet over and over, that leads to many more problems.

  4. Is the carpet delaminated? There are so many different ways that your carpet can become delaminated; it can be from installation, it can be from a carpet cleaner spraying too much water several times or using too much solvent spotter, it can be from an improper seam, it can be from urine, or it can even be from rolling heavy carts around. Carpet delamination is the separation of the primary backing that the carpet fibers are tufted into and the secondary backing. During the manufacturing of carpets the two layers of carpet are adhered together by a glue-like substance, so keep that in mind when you’re walking on your carpet. When delamination occurs, it can create ripping, buckling, and separation from the seams


Now back to carpet being the air filter to your home. Imagine a washable vacuum filter. Unless you clean it often it typically will stay grey even if the water starts running clear. Carpet is the same way, it gets stained, the fibers get scratched, no one can ever promise you “brand new” looking carpet after a cleaning unless you’ve been getting it cleaned every three months and vacuum every day. Seriously, do not listen to any one tell you the

carpet will look brand new, it won’t!

Now if you have been “nice” to your floors, a cleaning should work. If your carpets are black, you need new carpet.

Here at All American we take pride in our work and love to see results. Typically if you have very soiled carpet we need a few extra ingredients to our normal procedure. We have everything from super Duty Prespray to Solvent Spotters, to Yellow Stain Reduction to Red Relief. Most of our solutions are completely safe to touch, including for children, there are very few that you should try not to touch until it’s dry. Our IICRC Certified Technicians will alert you if you shouldn’t touch something.

For more information, please send us some photos of your carpet and we will see if we can help you!

Our email is or give us a call at 858-483-5300. We’d love to help you with your floor!

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