DIY vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

As we all know, carpet cleaning is a big job that usually requires special equipment and knowledge. That’s why it is important to get professional help for the best possible carpet cleaning. So if you are looking for a thorough carpet cleaning, San Diego residents look no further than All American Carpet & Tile. After all, we are the leaders in professional San Diego carpet cleaning and have been proudly serving the local community for over 15 years. At All American Carpet & Tile, we offer a range of San Diego carpet cleaning services for both homes and businesses.

Over time, dirt and other particles build up on carpeting no matter how often it is vacuumed and stains can be very tricky to get out. That’s when a professional is needed to ensure you receive the very best results. After all, cleaning your own carpet can be a very involved and frustrating task that can take up a lot of your time and lead to subpar results.

But, with a professional San Diego carpet cleaning company, we have all the materials on hand that are needed to do the best job possible. Plus, we use environmentally friendly solutions and cleaners to break down stains like dirt and oil, which give you exceptional results.

We use a 10-step process for every home or office that is in need of carpet cleaning. San Diego residents have grown to trust and depend on our experienced team over the years. With our expert service, every San Diego carpet cleaning job begins with a thorough inspection of the home where our technicians will note any problem areas and be sure to address them. Then furniture will be moved and your carpet will be pre-vacuumed upon request. After, we will pre-condition and spot treat your carpet and then perform a thorough soil extraction and rinse. Next, your San Diego carpet cleaning technician will apply a spot treatment followed by a carpet protecting spray. Finally, your service will end with a speed dry, grooming and post inspection.

So, if you are looking to renew the look of your floors, we can help! To schedule an appointment or receive a free estimate for an exceptional carpet cleaning, San Diego residents please call us at (858) 483-5300 or contact us here.

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