Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpets

Nothing cam be more exciting than welcoming a new pet into the family and home. Unfortunately, Fido or Fluffy leaving “presents” on the carpet is less exciting, particularly if these accidents are not found until several weeks or months later. Fortunately, there are a variety of at-home methods that can be used to clean both new and old pet odors and stains from carpets.

Removing Fresh Pet Stains from Carpets

If the stain is found just after the pet has gone, layered paper towels or wet dishtowels can absorb the urine. A heavy weight, such as books, placed over the towels will help absorb more liquid by compressing the towels down over the stain. Remember to lay down some plastic wrap over the towels before putting down any weights. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes. If the urine is not discovered within the first 10 minutes, it has likely soaked through to the pad underneath. Blot an area that is larger than the size of the stain, along with more towels and a heavier weight.

Once the towels are lifted up, start pouring cold water in circles, working inward from the outer perimeter of the stain. This will prevent the water from spreading the stain even further out.

Spray an enzymatic cleaner (such as Nature’s Miracle) over the stain. Make certain the cleaner is wool-safe if you have wool carpets. Put down another layer of towels, with a heavier weight over them. By the following day, the stain and smell should be gone. The towels can either be discarded or washed.

Removing Old Pet Stains from Carpets

The easiest way to locate old pet stains that may not be immediately visible is either at night or with the room in complete darkness. Use a UV light to detect stains by sweeping it across the carpet. The glow-in-the-dark party sticks can be used, but their light is rather faint. Most hardware stores sell more powerful UV lights.

Old stains will show up under the UV light. Use masking tape to mark the area around the stains, since they may not be visible under normal lighting. Once the stains have been identified, use the same towel method outlined above.

A wet/dry vacuum can also remove pet stains. Pour cold water over the stain, and then vacuum it up immediately. Add a bit of salt to the water for older or tougher stains.

A rented steam cleaner is a good option if you don’t have a wet/dry vacuum. Run the steam cleaner without any detergent. If the stain still remains, try using just a small amount of detergent.

Removing Stubborn or Large Stains

If the stain or smell still remains, or is simply too large to clean at home, it is probably time to call in professional carpet cleaners. They will have the right equipment to get rid of pet stains and odors. While it may cost more to hire professionals, the knowledge that the stains will be completely removed may make it worth the expense.

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