Cleaning Dust Mites From Carpets

It may be surprising that one of the biggest causes of household allergies is actually microscopic. Dust mites are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they are rampant in houses. They feed on dead skin that has flaked off both humans and pets, so are most often found in bedding, furniture, and carpets. Any place in the house that might collect flakes of dead skin will also be a breeding ground for dust mites.

Unfortunately, these small pests do more than just munch on flakes of dead skin. They are also a leading cause of allergies for both adults and children. Allergies occur when the human body is exposed to a foreign object, such as dust mites. In response, the immune system goes into overdrive and produces excess histamine. This excess histamine produces the allergic response.

Although household dust mites are a big problem, getting rid of them is relatively easy. It just requires being diligent about removing both dead skin flakes and any dust mite infestations.


By far, bedding is the most common source of dust mite infestation because dead skin flakes collect on the bed as we sleep. Wash and change bedding on a regular basis to reduce the amount of dead skin on the bed and eradicate dust mites. The bedding should be washed in hot water at a minimum of 130°F to kill all dust mites. Be sure to thoroughly dry the bedding on the high heat setting in the dryer. Anti-allergen bedding might be a consideration to cut down on re-infestation of dust mites.

Kid's Toy

Believe it or not, dust mites can even lurk in your child’s favorite stuffed toy. If the toy is machine-washable, run it through the washing machine. Be sure it is thoroughly dry before giving it back to your child. Place the stuffed toy in the freezer overnight once every two weeks to kill any remaining dust mites.

Carpeting And Furniture

The second most common infestation site is either in furniture or carpeting. A regular, thorough vacuuming of both furniture and carpeting will keep dust mites at bay. Borax can also help. Sprinkle it on the carpeting, and then work it in with a broom. Vacuum the Borax back up on the highest setting. The Borax will dehydrate the dust mites, thereby killing them.

It is a good idea to first have professionals clean the carpeting and furniture, which will kill off the majority of dust mites. This will make it much easier reduce the remaining dust mite population and prevent re-infestation. The team at All American Carpet & Tile uses a special hot water extraction technique and large, industrial fans to thoroughly dry carpeting and underlying padding. If carpeting is not thoroughly dried, it will provide an excellent breeding ground for re-infestation of dust mites.

All American Carpet & Tile guarantees the quality of its work and can reduce the dust mite population in your home. Once they have properly cleaned your carpeting, it will be much easier to keep dust mites under control and away from you and your family.

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