Cleaning Carpets or Rugs with Vinegar

A stained carpet or rug can ruin the beauty of a home. It may seem that you will have to spend a lot of money to hire professionals to restore your carpet or rug to its former appearance. In fact, some stains can be removed with simple household items, so long as the stain is not too old or large.

Vinegar is one of the most common household items that can be used to clean carpets or rugs. Its high acidity (2.4 pH) makes it ideal for cleaning most stains, killing germs, and softening fabrics. Additionally, it is not toxic for children or pets, unlike other harsh cleaning agents.

Thoroughly Vacuum the Rug or Carpet

A good vacuuming will remove any excess loose dirt or debris from the stain. If the stain is on a rug, lift the rug up to vacuum the back side as well.

Make a Cleaning Solution with Vinegar

Combine warm water, mild liquid dish soap, and three to four cups of distilled white vinegar into a bucket. Because dish soap is considered neutral on the pH scale, the cleaning solution will have a milder pH than just vinegar by itself, which means it will clean carpets and rugs without damaging them.

Scrub Rug or Carpet with Solution

Gently scrub the stained area with a soft cloth or nonshredding sponge dipped in the vinegar cleaning solution. Move across the stain in a linear motion, following the direction of the nap. Make sure to also clean any rug fringes that may have gotten stained. Use a laundry brush to clean fringes.

Remove Solution, then Dry Rug or Carpet

Rinse rugs with clear water, and then remove excess by either wringing it out or using a squeegee in the direction of the nap. Hang rugs outside to air dry. For carpets, gently rub over the vinegar solution with a clean cloth dipped in clear water. Allow carpet to thoroughly dry.

Steam Cleaning with Vinegar

For more stubborn stains, you may wish to use a steam cleaner. However, the chemical solutions that steam cleaners use can be very harsh on carpets or rugs. If the steam cleaner has separate tanks for the cleaner and the water, substitute the same amount of distilled white vinegar for the cleaning solution. If there is only one tank for holding both water and solution, substitute the same amount of vinegar for the solution into the one tank.

Run the steam cleaner per the manufacturer’s instructions. The room may smell of vinegar while the rug or carpet is being cleaned. As the carpet or rug dries, the vinegar smell should dissipate. Weather permitting, opening up all the windows in the room will help the smell go away more quickly.

Time to Call Professionals

For old or stubborn stains and smells, it may be good to hire professionals if home cleaning methods do not work. All American Carpet & Tile has the carpet cleaning equipment and expertise to restore old, stained carpets or rugs to brand new condition. Contact All American Carpet & Tile today.

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