Carpet Repair and Re-stretching

San Diego Resident’s, save your carpet with carpet repair and re-stretching, performed by All American Carpet Care. Mike Bruno is an IICRC Certified San Diego Carpet Repair Specialist and owner of All American Carpet Care. Before deciding your carpets need to be ripped out due to pet tears, large ripples or new transitions needed, get an estimate to have the problem repaired.

We all love our pets here in San Diego but they can sometimes cause minor or even major problems to our carpets. Occasionally, a pet can try to dig itself out of a room if the door is closed, tearing the carpet under the door and at the door jam. These areas can be cut out and replaced or “insert bonded” with a remnant piece or a piece taken from a corner of a closet. In the majority of cases the repair will be completely unnoticeable. Pets may also grab fibers and pull out rows in a Berber or loop carpet. These areas can also be replaced with extra carpet saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars for new carpet.

San Diego Resident’s carpets may need repairs or re-stretching if large ripples develop over time. Ripples and bumps in the carpet may become hazardous and are unsightly. Carpet may shift over time due to heavy traffic patterns, moving large pieces of furniture or poor installation. Utilizing professional stretching tools and over 15 years experience, Mike Bruno can remove these by pulling the carpet across the room and trimming the excess before re-tacking the carpet. In some cases the carpet may need to be cut then re-seamed to remove the ripples. Most San Diego carpet repairs or re-stretching can be done by All American Carpet Care without moving out all the furniture.

Carpet repairing and re-stretching, in the San Diego area, may also be needed to finish off the edge if new flooring, such as tile, stone or wood is installed in areas transitioning into carpet. Most hard surface installers do not do this type work. All American Carpet Care and Tile can install new tackless strips, stretch and cut the carpet and then use an appropriate transition technique to complete the edge neatly and professionally.

Now that you know All American Carpet and Tile Care can fix your carpet problems rather than buy new carpet, we look forward to helping you save money by doing certified carpet repairs and re-stretching in the San Diego area.

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