Carpet cleaning For Offices

Many people may think that carpet cleaning at home is the same as carpet cleaning in commercial buildings, such as offices. The truth is that while home carpet cleaning is necessary from time to time, it is usually just for the benefit of the homeowner. On the other hand, businesses have a certain reputation to maintain with their vendors, clients, and other visitors. This reputation includes everything from the lighting, to the noise level, to the office layout, to the carpet. If the carpeting in a business office is worn, dirty, or smelly, it will give the impression that the people who run the business in that office are not very professional and do not care about the upkeep of their working environment.

How Does Office Carpeting Differ from Home Carpeting?

The biggest difference between office and home carpeting is the amount of foot traffic. While it may seem as though home carpeting gets a great deal of wear and tear, particularly from kids or pets, it still gets less foot traffic than office carpeting, and thus less wear and tear. Office carpeting not only gets traffic from the employees, but from delivery people, visitors, and maintenance and janitorial staff. It can all add up to carpeting that gets dirty, worn, and odorous much more quickly than home carpeting.

The other big difference is in the type of carpeting. Most homes will have some sort of pile carpeting. While this type of carpeting can be found in offices, there may also be the tightly woven, looped industrial carpeting. This type of carpeting may require different cleaning considerations than pile carpeting.

How Often Should Office Carpeting Be Cleaned?

One of the advantages to cleaning office carpets is that most office buildings will have a nighttime janitorial crew to clean the offices after the regular workers have gone home. Cleaning carpets is a regular part of their nightly duties. A good janitorial crew will have an industrial vacuum cleaner that can remove a large amount of the dirt and other debris that get tracked onto office carpeting. This can take care of any day-to-day issues with carpet cleaning.

However, there will come a time when office carpeting needs a deeper cleaning beyond just daily vacuuming. This is when it is time to call in the professionals. The best time to do this is on a Friday evening, so that the carpets have all weekend to dry, when offices are likely to be empty. Professional cleaning should be done two to three times a year, depending upon weather conditions. For example, offices in rainy or snowy climates should have carpets cleaned right after the rain or snow season ends because the weather will be drier.

What Does Professional Cleaning Involve?

Professional carpet cleaning involves using special industrial machines to inject warm water and solution deep into the carpet after any spot treatment has been done. The water is then suctioned back up out of the carpet using special, truck-mounted vacuums. Large fans are then placed around the office to dry out the carpet.

With the proper care and maintenance, office carpeting can reflect the values of the company that works out of the office. It shows that the company cares about the impression it makes upon others.

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