Carpet Cleaning for Apartments

All American Carpet & Tile understands that it isn’t just homeowners who have a need for professional carpet cleaning services; renters want clean carpets as well. This is particularly important to keep in mind, given that the National Association of Realtors has seen a rise in the number of renters compared to owners. These renters will want the same benefits of professional carpet cleaning that homeowners enjoy. The bottom line is that even carpets in rented apartments will sometimes need professional help to look their best.

Why Carpet Cleaning for Apartments?

There are a number of reasons why people might wish to enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaner for a rental apartment.

Normal wear and tear over time: Despite peoples’ best intentions, accidents can happen. It’s a known fact that at some point, somebody will spill something on the carpet, a household pet will have an accident, or mud and dirt will be tracked in from outside. This is just as true for renters as it is for owners. Carpets will undergo a certain amount of wear and tear in their lifetimes, so renters may want to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaners.

Getting a rental deposit back after moving out: Almost all rental agreements will stipulate that the potential renters must put down a deposit (usually equal to one or two month’s rent) against damages to the apartment that the landlord must repair after the renters move out. In the state of California, landlords are required to return the deposit to renters, along with an itemized list of any necessary deductions to cover repairs, within 21 days after moving out.

Given these laws, renters who are moving out will want to get as much back from their deposit as possible. Renters can certainly try using a rental steam cleaner, but it will not get carpets as clean as hiring a professional cleaning service. Only a professional cleaning service can help guarantee that renters will get as much of their deposit back as possible.

Landlords cleaning apartments for rent: It’s not just renters who may want to hire professional carpet cleaners. Landlords can also benefit from such a service. Many landlords are responsible for large apartment complexes. As part of their job, they may need to clean apartments after renters have moved out so that they can show it to new, prospective renters. These new renters won’t want to move into an apartment with stained, smelly carpets. This is where All American Carpet & Tile can benefit both landlords and renters.

Hot Water Extraction Technique

The team at All American Carpet & Tile uses a hot water extraction carpet cleaning technique, rather than a steam cleaning technique. After an initial spot treatment, a mixture of hot water and a cleaner is used to loosen and vacuum out any dirt or stains on the carpet. Once this hot water mixture has been rinsed out, a final spot treatment for any stubborn stains (such as pet or red wine stains) is applied. Finally, industrial grade fans are used to thoroughly dry the carpet.

The carpet cleaners at All American Carpet & Tile have more than 20 years of experience in restoring carpets to new. They have the skills and equipment to thoroughly clean carpets, whether for apartments or homes. Contact All American Carpet & Tile today to schedule an appointment.

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