Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

At All American Carpet & Tile, the preferred San Diego carpet cleaning company, we recommend that you clean your carpet at least once every 12 months. After all, the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning are numerous. By having your carpets cleaned on a yearly basis, it not only helps extend the life of your flooring but also promotes a healthy home environment by reducing soil, debris and other pollutants and improves your overall indoor air quality.

Additionally, a professional carpet cleaning can simply make your floors look refreshed, brighter and more welcoming. Plus, keeping your carpet clean not only makes it look better, but it also extends the longevity of your actual carpet fibers. After all, every time dirt is tracked on the carpet, it works its way down deep into the fibers and acts as a harsh abrasive whenever someone walks across. Over time, the repetitive agitation caused by continuous walking is brutal to carpet fibers, causing the carpet to look dull, dirty and wear prematurely. However, a deep cleaning by an experienced San Diego carpet cleaning company removes these harmful particles and helps preserve your floors.

Plus, having soil professionally removed from your carpet also benefits the health of those living in the home. After all, dirt, pet dander and other allergens become trapped in carpets from normal everyday usage and allergies are aggravated by these debris and dust particles. Additionally, dust mites and other pollutants like to settle into the fibers deeper than vacuuming can reach, and they are released into the air; stirring up allergies.

All American Carpet & Tile has proudly provided full service carpet cleaning to both commercial and residential properties for over 15 years.

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